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A collaborative effort between classes from Virginia Commonwealth University and Minneapolis College of Art & Design (Interactive 2 with Lauren Thorson and Form and Methods with Jas Stefanski, respectively) resulted in a publication presenting a collection of research addressing the notion of a Post Digital age. The publication was generated collaboratively utilizing Google Hangout (Amongst other means). Organized into sections and subsections, the content manifested itself through the exploration of these themes as well as addressed type and image relationships – including the integration of both analog and digital media.

The research presented encompasses not only a graphic representation of language, but also examinations of human interaction techniques and developments of applied perceptions of identity through technology–

specifically how hypermediacy, remediation, and immediacy affect the possibilities of graphic design.

printed on Risograph RC6300

139 pages / Edition of 50

2014 [JS]

A Good Book

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'F U N Z I N E - Nº. 2 Summer Melancholy'

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